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  • Story- Kindness, Tough Love, Intrusive Paternalism, AND TRUST
    Story- Kindness, Tough Love, Intrusive Paternalism, AND TRUST
  • School District Should Create New Money for Early Reading Skills Delivered
    School District Should Create New Money for Early Reading Skills Delivered
  • Story -- Stroke of Master Whitewash
    Story -- Stroke of Master Whitewash
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    Peaceful Heights Montessori School

Welcome !!!

We have a unique presentation:   Assets  /  Values  /  Business and Organization Coupons /   Created for Kids Site has age appropriate growth economics, education, emotions and ethics messages and stories of opportunity, sharing, and success. 

This site is about advertising and storytelling (business); and, consumers using the free information with the children in deliverable asset building before and after 100% of the at risk children start kindergarten 100% ready to read.   Our Nation's Pain is outlined here so there is no mistake that the local effective citizen has the attitude tools for recreating an expectation of 100% ready to read starting kindergarten. 


You may want to short cut tothe promotion of a new attitude role for the citizen.  You are well paid in this role.  The program is Retweet Return on Investment (RROI).  It is for self and family.  Citizens start Twitter Accounts if they do not have one to get into this program.  (Click here)


Welcome to USA Values Coupons! Simply select the category of coupons you’re looking for using the drop down menu above or the categories to the lower right.  The site uses categories in a unique way explained in the FAQ section.  Importantly the values, attributes and sourced stories, graphics and messages sections are designed to present / give the concepts of deliverable ultimate character to the grassroots in a way that just states the obvious from our dictionaries and understandings of individual opportunity and achievement.

Businesses advertise here and support Local and National USA VALUES much like they support vibrant commerce on the streets. (See the coupon categories above, values-assets-attribute-crowd sourcing coupons float among business coupons during searches).

Free presentations of this information are available as coupons.

The target for this giveaway would be the whole of the community (business, church, schools, organizations, members, and employees) around the elementary school and its district to include age 0-6 children soon to be a part of public or private education.

This target would not be possible without social media and the site has a significant interface with twitter accounts.

Business and commerce supports the free availability of deliverable values, character and opportunity mixed with civility at no cost.  The market is real and attentive to foundation and growth prospects presented on this site.  

We are using the following public service message to bring the community together for its success.

The Truth, Without the gift of Early Reading Skills all children are behind before they even start kindergarten.

The Gift, Only an individual gift delivers early reading skills at age 2, 3, 4 and 5. This gift is the key to opportunity. It is society’s best (effective and lowest cost) approach to preparing the most at-risk to want opportunities, choices and engagement.

The Focus, When 100% of the children start kindergarten ready to read English the urban school has resources to meet the larger requirement. K-12 Schools are vested but not funded in the goal of 100% readiness.


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